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Privacy Policy




1. The USER, in case of not being a company, reminds informed that his PERSONAL INFORMATION in posesion of  EasyGalicia S.L. , will remind in custody under a informatic file named SERVICES, digital or handwrited, giving EasyGalicia S.L., authorization for the treatment of the DATA, for the main purpose of the service to the CUSTOMER.

2. Also, the CUSTOMER authorizes to EasyGalicia S.L. for the use of his DATA in the offer and hiring of products and services of MARKETING AND PUBLICITY, DATA BASES AND ESTADISTIC, as for the commercial actions, general or adapted to his personal characteristics. Those actions could be made neither by electronic mailing or standad mailing.

3. We also inform that in case of cessions, both parts agree that EasyGalicia S.L., announces those cessions to the interested part in the normal way used to inform about its products contracted with the company.

4. The USER, also reminds informed that his right to ACCES, RECTIFICATION, CANCELATION OR OPOSITION, about his personal information as announced by the LAW. Being able to ask for the complain forms at: EasyGalicia S.L.  address: Praza da Quintana de Mortos nº3, 15704 Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña), been responsable forthe file EasyGalicia S.L.

5. The USER, will be able to refuse the authorization given to the COMPANY for the use of the personal information in the same way above mentioned.

6. In order to the Personal Data Protection Law, in case of other companies involved in personal information data cession this will be also registered by both companies.